¡¡ eMoviliza. New eGestiona Mobile Application for Smartphone and Tablet !!

eMoviliza Mobile Management

eMoviliza is the new mobility solution of Externalia for the management of the coordination of business activities. Tool integrated with eGestiona 


eMoviliza enables users of the platform, check the information, on coordination of workers and equipment, both internal and external, by using the QR code, identifier (DNI, ID, NIE, CI, RUT…) or even voice search in real time.

eMoviliza has a set of features that allow

  • Check the state of documentary status of workers and equipment
  • Access control workers and equipment
  • Control of accreditations of workers in their jobs and to handle different equipments
  • Time control – marking applications workers
  • Control and management of PEs delivered to workers.
  • Accessing or downloading the documentation of each worker or equipment.

eMoviliza is the platform for mobile services that Externalia offers to its customers for the initial management of coordination, but in the short term will allow the management of other SaaS applications processes (Surveys, Diagnostics, Audits, Schedule Control, Environmental Assessments, Management indicators, accidents, goals, incidents, non-conformities, action plans and tasks, workplan, Legislativeplan…etc)

Access to eMoviliza is restricted to internal users of the eGestiona Coordination applications. For any commercial information about our platform please contact: comercial@emoviliza.com | +34 945 291 684 or for support issues: soporte@emoviliza.com

Click here click here to access the Google Play and download the tool completely free

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