eMoviliza allows you multiple features in real time from your mobile. You can consult and manage, anywhere and anytime, the information about coordination of workers and equipments required from your clients. You can also check the accreditations and the activities to be carried out, manually or through QR codes and NFC chips

Management with eMoviliza is done graphically and intuitively to make your work more comfortable. Moreover the documentation of a worker, equipment or machinery can be downloaded on your mobile to always have it handy.



More agility
and efficiency in CBA management!

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   What can I do with eMoviliza?  


Check if my workers or equipments comply with the required documentation to access the work centers of my clients where they carry out their activities


Check out the file of any worker or equipment with summary at the coordination level and list of the centers where it performs functions and what activities carries out


Check the status of all documents involved in the business coordination process of workers and equipment in any work center and activity


Check the status of your workers considering their accreditations, jobs and requirements to use equipments


Consult the activities performed by each worker or equipment in a workplace and if their documentation is accredited to carry them out


Identify workers and equipments with your mobile through accreditation cards with QR code or NFC labels

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