ISO certifications as a guarantee of trust

Quality is born from honesty and daily work

We are committed to complying with security, management and quality standards to provide our clients with the best services in an environment of credibility, stability and efficiency.

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ISO 27001


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ISO 27701


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ISO 20000


ISO 27001 certification as a security framework

Our main objective is to protect your company information by preventing it from falling into the wrong hands or being lost. That is why we preserve the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your data, evaluating the risks and applying the appropriate controls.

ISO 27001 is an international standard that provides the requirements related to Information Security Management Systems and that certifies our commitment to security in the storage and treatment of your data

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ISO 27701 certification as a guarantee in the protection of personal data. GDPR

We are committed to the rights of our clients, that is why we have certified in ISO 27701

This norm has been taken as a starting point for the development of standards that verify compliance with the GDPR, since it protects the data of customers and suppliers in digital and printed assets, advocating to preserve the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information

At eGestiona we have established mechanisms for the control and management of privacy breaches, guaranteeing the owners of personal data the exercise of their rights over them. Thus we provide guarantees of security, transparency and efficiency in the management of the processing of personal data of our clients and their collaborating companies

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ISO 20000 certification as an IT service management framework

This certification helps us to maintain an efficient control of Information Technology services, covering a set of key processes that range from the management of service levels and their traceability to the management of suppliers, incidents, changes or deliveries, among others.

The certification allows us to increase the efficiency of eGestiona and ensure an effective and high-quality control in its availability to our clients. ISO 20000-1 certification demonstrates our commitment to maintaining reliable IT infrastructure and services.

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