We are specialists in the management of occupational health and safety, offering our customers tailored and efficient solutions.

Our services go beyond a Health and Safety Coordination and Business Activities, providing advice and technical consultancy in the field of OHS. For ST3 each customer is unique and has different needs, in this way we offer a personalized attention always supported by a technical team of specialists who will accompany the client in the course of the work to guarantee total satisfaction.

We have the necessary resources, both technological and human, to manage and advise any company in the field of Occupational Health and Safety.

Our team of Safety and Health Coordinators offer the perfect solution to the planning and management of security in construction, making sure that the works of our clients strictly comply with the Law. Likewise, ST3 through our ST3 gestiona platform, offers the administrative document management service to both incumbent companies and contractors, subcontractors and freelancers in order to save time and resources for our clients so they can focus on their work.

ST3 currently has two different but complementary lines of work for the Management of OHS.

ST3 Gestiona y Coordina

Contact information

Contact Person: Carlos Navarro Lopez

Phone. 91 766 92 03



Address: Arturo Soria 339, 28033 Madrid (pulsa para saber como llegar)

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