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We are Software Developers and from the knowledge of business needs we create scalable solutions that evolve and adapt to the work model of our clients

eGestiona is a software solution (SaaS) applied to the management and outsourcing of business processes, which automates the management of business knowledge in: Coordination, Access Control, Prevention, Quality, Environment and Legislation. An application with a modular structure, which allows you to integrate only those modules that you really need, providing flexibility and adaptability to future needs. This, together with the wide range of services that we offer, represent real competitive and operational advantages for our users.

We have created a network of Collaborative Knowledge with clients, which allows us to obtain synergies to always be in constant evolution and adapt to changes in your business. In addition, our team, highly qualified and in permanent technological surveillance, ensures the growth and continuous improvement of the solutions we offer.

Simple solutions that adapt to your company

In your company, management applications cannot be islands of knowledge. It is necessary to share and integrate information from different environments in order to streamline and optimize decision-making. In a simple and fast way, with our APIs or with Custom Web Services, we will make the information circulate efficiently and integrated with your tools: Access control and marking, Human Resources, Document Systems, ERP, CRM, etc., avoiding duplications and inconsistencies of data

We have developed joint integrations with the applications of the most prominent software and services companies in the market.

We seek efficiency and productivity that is why all your previous work can be used within eGestiona. We have extensive experience in migrating data from practically all platforms on the market and in any management process: quality, environment, coordination, prevention, legislation, etc.

Custom start-up and brand image

The eGestiona training and implementation plan is developed at your own pace in person or online. eGestiona adapts to your business model, we configure your model in the application and we train you in your tool, personalized and optimized for your management.

We also enhance your brand image by personalizing eGestiona with your corporate image, highlighting and strengthening the value of your brand as a company that is committed to new technologies. Your collaborating companies, workers and clients access from your own Web address, personalized for you, with your own headers, access icons and contact information.

Outsource your processes with eGestiona

Companies need standardized applications that are capable of evolving and that allow each customer to customize and configure their business model with reasonable development and maintenance costs. Together with our network of collaborators, we offer you a comprehensive outsourcing service. Our partners are the greatest experts in management processes: OHS, CBA, Enviroment, Quality, Legislation, etc. As specialists in new technologies, we focus on the development of eGestiona and our partners offer you added value in day-to-day management

Transparency in our work, knowledge always in the hands of the client and teamwork with our partners, ensure a comprehensive, personalized and optimized solution for each company.

Work with your data and your business model from day one

Advanced support always at hand

We know that day-to-day life must run smoothly and that is why our customer service team (Prevention Technicians, Software Engineers, Business Consultants, Lawyers …) offers you personalized and effective support.

We help you both in the use of eGestiona and in the monitoring and optimization of your business processes, guaranteeing by contract a service level agreement (SLA) for any query or incident, do not let an oversight make you lose time and money! !

You can contact us easily and quickly through different channels: Internet, Email, Telephone, Social Networks, Ticketing Software, etc.

Continuous improvement of eGestiona to adapt to your company