January 2015. Taxway Uruguay New Customer eGestiona !!

New Customer in Uruguay. Taxway subsidiary of Cobra Group !!

eGestiona during 2014, following its policy of expansion in Europe and Latin America has made deployments in different countries: Poland, Romania, Portugal, Italy, France, England, Germany, Mexico, Chile, Peru with different customers (EDP, GEWE, Ericsson Siemens …) through different partners (AFJ Global, SGS Tecnos….)

logo_cobra_taxwey_175x96The culmination of the year 2014, the Cobra Group through its subsidiary Taxway in Uruguay has launched the eGestiona platform for managing all contractors and subcontractors of the wind farm being built in this country in Latin America.


The whole process of implementation and training model for coordinating business activities has been made so ON LINE, during the month of December, with those responsible of Taxway in Uruguay, through collaborative communication tools that allow us to undertake any implementation in anywhere in the world safely, reliably and efficiently, according to the needs of each client.


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